A Day in the Life of an Assisted Living Resident

Published On: November 2, 2023

Your day begins with the freedom to wake up whenever you like.  A nutritious breakfast tailored to your preferences awaits.  Whether you opt for a quick cup of coffee and fresh fruit, or prefer a more relaxed start with a crossword puzzle, that’s perfectly fine;  it’s your day.


Your day begins with the freedom to wake up whenever you like, and a nutritious breakfast tailored to your preferences awaits. Whether you opt for a quick cup of coffee and fresh fruit.   If you prefer a more relaxed start with a crossword puzzle, that’s perfectly fine; it’s your day.

Some mornings, you might choose to share a full breakfast with a friend in the dining room while catching up on each other’s lives. Senior living communities serve nutritious, balanced and delicious meals, accommodating special dietary needs like low sodium.

Medication Management: If you require assistance with medication, a dedicated team member is on hand to ensure you receive the right doses. Medication management is a crucial service.  It helps residents stay on track with their prescriptions and reduce the risk of errors, by ensuring they receive the proper medication, at the right time and in the right amount.

Engaging Activities: Communities offer a diverse daily activities calendar, designed to promote physical and mental wellness while helping you discover or rediscover your passions. Activities vary from community walks and yoga to programs like drum circles, live entertainers and meditation, all aimed at creating enjoyable days.

On- Site Therapy:  Many communities offer on-site therapy services, providing physical, occupational and speech therapy.  This makes it easy for residents to get the support they need without having to leave the community.  Whether  a resident is recovering from injury/illness or simply working to increase strength, balance and flexibility, on site therapy providers have you covered.


The culinary team serves a delicious lunch in the dining room. If residents aren’t feeling well, they can have the meal brought to their private suite. Transitioning from convenience frozen foods to well-balanced daily meals and engaging with others,  often results in residents feeling stronger, happier and more energetic over time.

Creative Pursuits: After lunch, residents can participate in hands-on activities such as art workshops, craft classes, gardening, or engage in card games and current events discussions.

Housekeeping Services: While you enjoy your day, the housekeeping staff keeps your suite tidy, a service included in your monthly fee.

Transportation Services: As most residents reduce or give up driving, the community’s transportation services become invaluable. Whether you need a ride to a store, a doctor’s appointment, or wish to join group outings to local and regional destinations, the transportation team is there to support you. Consider scheduling a visit to the community’s beauty parlor or barber shop, before heading out.


Dinner and Socializing: Dinner is an opportunity to socialize with friends and neighbors over a delightful meal, although you can also opt for a quiet meal in your suite, with a range of choices to satisfy your palate.

Evening Activities: Evenings offer a variety of formal and informal activities. Residents can enjoy classic television programs, watch the latest movies, participate in book clubs, or engage in games like Clue, Mahjong or Bridge. Moreover, you can connect with your adult children and grandchildren to share the highlights of your day. There are no visiting hours in senior living so families are always welcome.

Conclusion: A day in the life at a senior living community is far from the misconceptions and myths that may have clouded your perception. It offers freedom, nutritious meals, engaging activities, dedicated services, and opportunities for socialization. Communities strive to ensure that residents experience a fulfilling and vibrant daily life, regardless of their unique preferences and needs.

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