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Your Expert Senior Living Consultant

The choice to transition a loved one to a senior living community typically emerges during moments of crisis. With the weight of this decision being undeniable, families require a senior living consultant who prioritizes their best interests, as well as someone who understands that identifying the right community is only part of the transition process.

With so many competing senior living communities—including over 100 in the DC-metro area alone—and new developments constantly underway, it can be intimidating, confusing, and stressful to navigate the process of finding the one place that actually meets your wants and needs. That’s why Silver Bridges Consulting was created. As your senior living consultant, we serve as the beacon of clarity that guides you to the community that offers all of your must-haves and suits your—or a loved one’s—lifestyle and budget.


Founders Ginger Noce and Kristy Kennedy are the caring senior living consultants behind the Silver Bridges Consulting name. With decades of experience in the senior living industry, as well as local market knowledge in the DC-metro area that spans over 20 years, Ginger and Kristy have an in-depth understanding of the senior living landscape. With an approach that is hands-on, profoundly personal, and free from any bias, the experts at Silver Bridges Consulting prioritize forming lasting relationships with you and your loved ones. As your partner through every step of the process—and beyond—you can count on Silver Bridges Consulting to:

Be your point of contact throughout the journey—from finding a community to ensuring it lives up to all expectations after the transition.

Take time to understand all of your preferences, care needs, desired amenities, preferred location, budget, and more.

Be a dependable and trusted senior living consultant for you and your family—responding quickly when you need us, keeping your information safe, and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Make a positive difference in your life—and other people’s lives—through our senior living services. When you turn to us for support, a percentage of our profit goes towards uplifting two nonprofit organizations we love.


To represent our clients’ and their families’ best interest always, and to form lifelong relationships, one senior, one family at a time.

Our Mission

To provide our clients and their loved ones with profound expertise, comprehensive market insight, and unwavering compassion as they navigate their senior living journey.

Our Core Values

  • Servant leadership—we exist to serve others.
  • Unwavering commitment—to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Exceptional service—deliver our very best in everything we do.
  • Expertise—provide in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Compassionate empathy—we seek to deeply understand our clients’ circumstances and work tirelessly to provide a solution.
  • Continuous learning—be a thought leader and subject matter expert for our clients.

Looking for a Caring Senior Living Consultant?

When We Help You, You’re Helping Us Change Lives

"Silver Bridges Consulting has been an absolute lifeline for our family. They supported us in all logistical aspects, from selling her home to downsizing and ensuring her legal affairs were in order."

- Jodi D.

"I had the privilege of personally witnessing the compassion and empathy of the individuals leading Silver Bridges Consulting. Their genuine thoughtfulness and expansive fund of knowledge regarding senior options makes them an ideal choice for anyone confronting these decisions."

- Anne F.

"Silver Bridges Consulting is best-in-class! Their compassion, knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. Silver Bridges Consulting cleared the path for us and supported us throughout the transition. I am eternally grateful for their guidance and direction, during what was a very difficult time for my family."

- Aimee B.

"Silver Bridges Consulting made a complex, emotional, and overwhelming process manageable and even uplifting. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone searching for the best senior living solutions for their loved ones."

- Mark C.

"We are immensely grateful to Silver Bridges Consulting for being our compass through this challenging period. Their unique approach and invaluable insights made a world of difference in our family's journey."

- Michelle O.